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Texas Does Not Equal Southern, Pacific Northwest Does Not Equal Yankee

Published June 30, 2015 by Tritrigirl

I got cut off the other day by an idiot teenage girl in an extremely large pick up truck touting stickers about how “Southern” and “country” she is.  I live in Austin, Texas and I hate to break it to this girl that clearly identifies with southern and country that she’s not all that Southern, but she may be country.  (I’ll give her that because we’re on the fringes of the urban area and it’s possible that she may be country..or cunty, given her driving skills)

So that got me thinking on Texas and Southern and reminded me of when I moved here and people would say I was a Yankee because I was from Idaho, which made me laugh.  Out loud.  In their face.  Then explain that the Pacific Northwest is not Yankee, it’s a whole other world.

Circling back to Texas and Southern.  Texas is not southern, honestly I don’t know many native Texans that would really identify as truly being SOUTHERN because Texas is it’s own little world.  And may be someday, will be it’s own little country, because there are some wacka-doos here that are in charge that think we’re a separate entity from the overall country.  So being from Texas, sure you can be country.  But you’re Southern-Adjacent.  Go into Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, then you’ll SEE Southern.  I don’t know that I’d even really consider Oklahoma as Southern.  It’s a state created to be a Native American reservation.  I don’t doubt there are pockets of Texas that could be considered “Southern” but come on…you live in Austin, Texas…Austin is atypical Texas in the first place…it’s REALLY not Southern.  But you can find southern food here!

Anyway, none of this has anything to do with the Confederate Flag business (I support it being removed).

Now on to Yankee / Pacific Northwest.  I’ve been in Texas for 17 years now or so.  (WHOA).  Almost as long as I lived in Idaho and as anyone from the Pac Northwest can tell you….we’re not Yankees.  We’re a whole different breed.  People make the assumption that I’m a country girl, because they no nothing about Idaho (except the BSU football field is blue).  I’m not country.  I grew up in a city, Boise.  It’s not a big one, but it is a city.  I more identify with being a mountain girl.  I can take you camping, fishing, and cook over an open fire.  I’ve never hunted but that’s because my dad liked to fish and not hunt.  I like the mountains, hiking, biking, skiing (when I was younger).  The Pac Northwest is beautiful.

This is where I grew up.

This is where I grew up.

Honestly, I’d love to get back to Idaho.  My family wants me back up there, but I do have my life here.  It’s hard to move as an adult.  I don’t work in an office, I don’t go to school.  I do have family, but I’d have to depend on them heavily until I had my own friends and life.  So, it’s up in the air.  My brother and sister-in-law just had their second baby yesterday morning.  I get to see them in 1 month.  (Yes, I’m counting)  And now my train of thought has derailed.

Have a great Tuesday!


Search Engines – Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

Published April 22, 2014 by Tritrigirl

So I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day when I get some funny search engine terms coming to my blog and I’m proud to share these…

“Red Neck Wind Gale”

“I’m Pregnancy and have the runs and puking”

Wooooooooooooow.  Not really sure how Red Neck Wind Gale got them to my blog or what a red neck wind gale even looks like.

I do like I’m pregnancy…I’m pregnancy…and have the runs and puking.  Well, that my dear, just sounds awful.  You might consider going to the doctor because it sounds like you might have food poisoning.  Just a hunch.

In other news –

Oreo’s sutures came out successfully.  He’ll be officially NO CONE after tomorrow, however he will be crated until the final follow up appointment in 4 weeks.  The rehab chick was way impressed with his range of motion and how much weight he was putting on it.  No other rehab but short walks that increase each week and slowly introducing hills and eventually stairs.  Still no rough housing or playing or all out running.  Poor guy is still going to be leashed for the next 4 weeks.

Went for a run this morning.  Oh so proud of myself.  Got about a half mile and thought SHIT this hurts.  My calves were tighter than the skinny jeans I’m too chicken to wear but I got them stretched out and after a mile I was feeling better.  I did walk a lot and I tried to not get down on myself.  My cardio is definitely good,  my body needs some work.

Found a Spartan Super (8-9 miles) race in VA near the end of August.  If I can get my mileage up to at least a 10K, where it SHOULD be at that point, then I may be able to swing it.  It’s also about an hour from my Mom’s house in Harrisonburg so that’s a further mark in it’s favor.  Required mom visitation covered.

My current running goal is to be around 4 miles comfortably by the end of June.  Since I’m struggling with 2 miles right now it seems so out of reach, but I know if I can find that obnoxious tenacity inside myself I’ll get there.  Regardless I have to be in 10K shape by Labor day to complete the TriRock Austin Olympic distance triathlon.  August is also my 6 month lady visit follow up and I’d like to impress the doctor again with my weight loss.

A few thoughts on that.  I know there’s a lot of us with body issues and eating disorders (I thankfully overcame my stint in high school when I kept almost passing out due to low blood sugar).  I’ve somewhat come to terms with my weight as a concept and really try to focus more on my fitness and competition (if you can call it that) goals instead of a number on the scale or the number in my jeans.  Jeans sizes are awful; I went to Target and tried on 3 different styles of jeans and had 3 different sizes (anywhere from 12-18) so to me it’s ridiculous.  I still hate shopping, except for work out clothes, because THOSE sizes are always the same.

So instead I look at trying to get my mile time down to a consistent 10-11 minute mile over 3-6 miles (right now we’re hovering at 13:30-14:30).  I try to go for a 14-16 mph on the bike (we’re at 11-13 mph).  How many push ups can I do? (More than last week) How much weight do I need on the bar for a good work out?  (More than last week)  In the end as I meet these fitness goals I know that inevitably my weight will come down as it has in the past.  I’ll feel more confident and I won’t dread the fitting rooms quite as much.  I know I’ll never be a size 4, even at my skinniest in high school I was a size 8-10, that’s just how my body is built.  All booty and I’m fine with that.  I’d be happy being a size 10 again, but that isn’t my goal and my happiness and confidence are not contingent on that (I know people significantly skinnier than me that can’t hang with my training).

I want to be healthy, fit and to complete all my races this year.  That’s the real goal.

Now…go forth and conquer!

So, uh, there’s a dog on my front porch

Published April 15, 2014 by Tritrigirl

He’s not mine.

I don’t know who he belongs to.  He has a collar and is in relatively good health so he apparently has an owner somewhere.  He wasn’t letting me near him to check to see if he had tags on his collar.

I think he got freaked out by the storm yesterday and decided the rocking chairs on my front porch are the perfect place to hide.  Which is only somewhat correct.

I noticed him when I was leaving yesterday afternoon and should have called Animal Control but I figured maybe he needed a moment to recuperate (I usually make animals out to be smarter than they are because when I think the other way around I end up being wrong) and that he’d move on once the storm settled, plus I was heading over to Scott’s to take care of Oreo and was running a little late.

He was still there when I got home last night.  Animal control is only open during business hours and to be honest I just don’t see the point in the drama of calling the police to have them come get him when I can call animal control in the morning.  He doesn’t appear to be hurt, but he’s soaked and he’s scared.  He did somewhat begrudgingly allow me to drape a few large towels on him and quit growling when I put some food out for him.  I expected he’d still be there this morning.  Meantime his name is Roger.

Hell, I’d even let Roger in the house if he was more friendly and if I knew he wouldn’t try to eat the cat.  He’s not vicious or mean or dangerous but he’s scared and I’m sure there’s someone out looking for him.  Although they probably aren’t calling him Roger.  And I feel really really awful that I didn’t call animal control earlier yesterday.   He’s still here this morning and I’m going to call animal control but since they don’t open until 11 am (damn suburbs) he’ll be here until then.  Poor guy.  I hope he’s reunited soon.


Because I have to make up for not posting over the weekend

Published February 24, 2014 by Tritrigirl

“I promise you, for all my life, I’ll be always by your side.  In the shadow, in the light.  I’ll follow you, wherever life goes, but I’ll always be aside.  In the shadow, in the light….I promise you, even when the tide is high, I’ll always be on your side.  In the shadow, in the light.” – Enigma, In the Shadow, In the Light

I thought you needed some lyrics this morning.  Music seems to feature prominently in a lot of my posts.  I sit at my desk with Media Player going to my “work playlist,” with work on one monitor and this on the other.

So this last weekend was sadly not nearly as productive as I was hoping for.  No cleaning, no artwork and my training was meh.  I did work out on this horrible machine at the gym that’s called an adjustable stride machine.  It does kick your ass, but I didn’t run or ride.  Will have to make up this week.  Scott’s in Nashville for work so I’m watching the monkeys.  It’s kind of annoying that their mother won’t take them while he’s gone.  She’s got lots of excuses, it’s too far to commute, it’s expensive, they all have to wake up too early, just excuses really.  Welcome to being a parent chick…should have thought about that before you started spitting out your birth control pills.  Granted I’m sure she figured they would be married forever but whatever.

(side note – my vitamins are seriously making me nauseous.  I must not have eaten enough for breakfast before I took them.  Blech)

I know I’ve mentioned my secret crush so I’ll talk a little about him.  It’s my hero Mike, from the puppy / chocolate bar incident.  Seriously, the more time I spend around him the more I like him.  It doesn’t hurt that he flirts with me a lot (“it’s sexy to see a chick grilling”), honestly if he didn’t I probably wouldn’t think of him in that way and due to my relationship with Scott I am somewhat free to go down that road.  But he’s also divorced, and while I’ve nothing against divorced men (I know A LOT of them) I’m not sure where he’s at with “getting over it” or what he’s looking for.  To the best of my knowledge he’s still into the “sowing wild oats again” phase, but it’s never really come up in conversation.  He’s got a couple of kids (17 and 11) and is about 6 years older than me.  He’s good looking, I’ve thought so since I met him a couple of years ago.  We go to dinner on Wednesdays periodically as his son and Scott’s youngest (I feel bad for call the boys Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dummer so we’ll go with Tater Tot and French Fry) since the boys are the same age and have gotten to be really good friends.

Needless to say I’m looking forward to Wednesday.  I doubt anything with Mike would ever happen.  I’m not really looking for a hook up.  I can already get meaningless sex if that’s what I want.  I want more.  At least some passion, but I worry if we were to hook up I’d like him even more and it would suck if it wasn’t reciprocated.  There’s not really any more intimacy or affection between Scott and me.  I spend the night over there periodically when the kids are with their mom but it seems pointless now, except that I get to snuggle with the puppies.  But overall I sleep better in my own bed.

I daydream about Mike (and okay, he’s good fodder for my fantasies too) and I get excited when I see him online on FB, although I’m too chicken to IM him.  “What’s up?”  “Nothing, what’s up with you?”  “Nothing, what’s up with you?”  “Nothing, what’s up with you?”  “Nothing, do you like me?  Check yes or no.”  We text periodically and he makes me smile and all twitterpated.  I miss that feeling, you know?  That excitement.  So it’s definitely fun.  He’s friends with Scott and we’ve a bunch of mutual friends, which is also part of why I don’t know if anything would work between us.  Right now I’m not really thinking about that.  Just looking forward to seeing him on Wednesday.

Also going girly shopping on Thursday.  These weeks where Scott’s gone and I have to be around way too much tween and teen testosterone require me to get in some serious estrogen after awhile.


Stress…and Now My Shoulders Hurt

Published February 20, 2014 by Tritrigirl

This morning has been a little stressful.  I got up for Boot-y camp and totally killed it by the way (GO ME), but I was rudely woken up at 1:30 this morning by dogs fighting and owners yelling.  Who the hell is out with their dogs in large enough numbers to warrant all that at 1:30?  Oh…yeah…my crazy neighbors across the street.  *rolls eyes*

So Scott (NCBF) is teaching this week…he teaches internet security software, cuz he’s cool like that, and there was a meeting with Dummer’s (14 year old) school counselor to get him all ready for high school next year. OY.  Since Scott was teaching he asked if I could go to the meeting.  Er…uh, okay.  I just don’t wanna mess anything up, because if I was doing his schedule it would be all Arts and Crafts!  HA!  (Okay, that was just MY schedule in high school Dummer and I are nothing alike.)  So I get home…take a short nap and am getting up to go to the school when Scott calls and says he needs me to work from his house because he’s having computer software stuff delivered to his house and it’s signature only….(bangs head on desk).  I cannot work from his house.  I need my desk, my two monitors and my “work environment.”  Or I am useless.  Kinda like this:

And that’s why I’d rather work at my house.  But I end up working from his house any way…waiting for that freakin’ package…sitting on the couch with the pups and thinking…hmmm…I could so take a nap right now…or play Bioshock!

Oh yeah, and my shoulders hurt…but not from stress but from yoga and boot camp.  Sigh.  Happy Thursday!

Queen of the Multi-Task!

Published February 19, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Today I have a lot going on…I’m spending half my morning updating all the Javas on my computer so I can properly check out, update and check back in documents in our various databases.  It’s really a pain in the ass to not be able to do this and a month later I finally bugged the IT guy who’s supposed to be helping me.  His instructions?  Download these 3 versions of Java one at a time then clear your browser history and then restart your computer.  I’m on Java #2 so we’ll see how this works out.  :-/

It’s also time for our monthly metrics suite (yes, I know you have no idea what I’m talking about, but just go with it).  Now this is something I actually LOVE to do, because I’m weird and twisted.  I get to run a couple huge reports and then reconcile with our database.  It can be very time consuming given that I’m now responsible for doing this with 2 protocols but it’s one of those mindless activities that I enjoy in addition to managing my underlings and helping them develop into fabulous CRAs.  I work in pharmaceutical research and there’s a whole lot to explain about what my job is and people tend to get a glassy eyed look when I go on for too long so if you’ve got specific questions (not FDA / Big Pharma conspiracy stuff) I’ll do my best to answer.  But I’m a clinical team manager, I’ve got 7 CRAs with roughly 68 sites between the 7 of them over 2 protocols and I’m responsible for 8 sites without assigned CRAs for one of those protocols.  I review trip reports, follow up on escalations and anything else the sponsor needs from me, follow up with visit scheduling to meet our milestones, follow up on site communications and act as a mom/therapist/commiserater/babysitter/mentor to my 7 CRAs.  I’ve got a pretty good job.

I used to be a CRA and travel non-stop but was promoted last year.  Before you wonder as to my choice of quitting traveling (because everyone LOVES to travel) you must know a few things…South Bend, IN sucks (sorry if you’re from there), Utah has tried to kill me with lethal doses of sagebrush pollen (fall 2012), and 8 years of living out of a suitcase with virtually no social life takes it’s toll.  It’s easy to isolate yourself when you’ve barely got Friday-Sunday to live your life.  Friends just sorta stop calling after awhile.  Unless they’re “in the life” or have been and understand that you probably get to hang out once a month if you’re lucky.  So yeah, every morning that I get up and stumble to my office bleary eyed waiting for the caffeine to kick in, I’m thankful I’m not on a plane, or on the way to the airport (you know you’re burnt out when you’re crying on the way to the airport) or waking up in a hotel room or sitting in a research office poring over doctors notes and source data.  I’ve been stranded in random cities due to flight cancellations, have spent my birthday and a few holidays in other cities alone, met some awesome coordinators that I still stay in touch with and have had some adventures (driving from Portland to Tacoma in a snowstorm for one – I still waved at Mt. St. Helens though cuz I’m a dork like that).  I’ve seen beautiful places, scary places and bland places.  And with all that under my belt I can say I’m good with getting out.  Maybe someday I’ll go back to it, but for now I need to be in one place.

Side note – I think the people behind me (the ones who put up the too tall fence posts) are getting ready to sell their house or something.  They had tree trimmers out the other day and I’m not sure what they’re doing now but there’s a few people working around the property.  Since I can see straight into their backyard from my office window it’s easy to get distracted.

And lastly…Irrational Games is closing it’s doors.  For those who don’t know they created the amazing Bioschock series.  I’ve played all 3 (on the PS 3) and am currently working through Bioshock 2.  I beat Bioshock Infinite twice and need to finish 2 so I can get it back from my neighbor and play all the DLC.  The Last of Us and Fallout – New Vegas be damned.  I love Infinite, it’s a beautiful game.  Thankfully they’re still going to support the game and the franchise is supposedly going to a different department of 2K who collaborated on Infinite and the others.  But I’m still sad.  Next the Fallout it’s one of my favorite series and one of the few story line games I can tolerate.  Open world games are so much more fun in my mind.

Okay, I’m done geeking out and Java #2 is almost done loading.  Have a great Tuesday and we’ll catch up tomorrow!  Hint, hint – I may talk about my secret crush!  😛

Suuuuuuuuuunny days, keepin’ the cloooooooouds away

Published February 12, 2014 by Tritrigirl

Sun’s out!  Sun’s out!  Sun’s out!

The sun’s out (in case you missed that) and that means it’s REALLY hard to stay focused on work.  We’re almost up to 50F! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

In other news…Jury duty was uneventful, I wasn’t picked (gee darn) and I got a run in my hose before I even left the house (of course).  People wore jeans, I should have worn jeans…would have been much more comfortable.  The case was against a guy who was speeding.  May have to look it up but Municipal court involves misdemeanors and he was contesting a speeding ticket.  How freakin’ fast do you have to be going before your speed warrants a misdemeanor???  Holy shit!  I would have stayed out of curiosity if I didn’t have to rush out to get the boys from school, which thankfully I was able to get them.  All in all yesterday ended up being a very quiet evening with some freezing weather thrown in for good measure.

Hopefully the rest of the week goes by as quietly.  Minus the freezing weather.