Friday Again

Published April 22, 2016 by Tritrigirl

Last week I didn’t follow up on my progress and felt like I was slacking.  So I’ll sum up this week now.  It’s definitely getting easier.  I think that my stomach is shrinking so I’m not getting as hungry as often.  I’ve got a better handle on things so my blood sugar doesn’t get too low on accident.  I’ve only gone over points once this week.  My goal is to NOT go over points / calories at all but especially during the week.  Weighing out meat and measuring out portions seems to help and it’s nice sometimes to be able to completely load up my plate with extra veggies.  Even though they have no points value the calories are pretty low.

Been working out steadily this week.  Not as much as I’d hoped to but I’m getting there.  Missed spin class on Monday as Tater Tot’s swim practice was cancelled 30 minutes in due to thunderstorms.

What else is happening in my life…I got promoted.  Goes into effect May 1st.  That’s kinda nice and unexpected.  My brother and sister in law are finally reconciling with my dad and stepmom.  That’s a huge deal!  Now for my brother and sister in law to reconcile with my baby brother.  So happy for everyone!!  Tater tot has a swim meet this weekend, which means I’ll get a lot of reading done, but that’s about it.  I need to call a plumber again because my washing machine drain is overflowing again.  They were out 2 weeks ago so I’m thinking they may need to do more than just snake the entire line.  I think it’s finally dried out enough to where I can mow my yard this afternoon.  It’s looking all crazy, thank goodness I don’t live in an HOA!!

Lastly cannot believe Prince died yesterday!  Will be toasting his memory with some Purple Rain cocktails this weekend:


1-1/2 parts vodka
1 part Blue Curacao
1 part cranberry juice
1 part pineapple juice
1 part grenadine

View recipe: Purple Rain | KeepRecipes: Your Universal Recipe Box

In the meantime, let’s go crazy and party like it’s 1999!



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