48 Hours…I Hate You WW

Published April 6, 2016 by Tritrigirl

So it’s been 48 hours and I’ve already done gone fucked up my WW and Noom Weight Loss trackers.  Last night was a silent auction for our MS 150 Team (150 bike ride for MS fundraising and awareness) and it was held at a Mediterranean resturant that I adore.  There’s pita, and there’s shwarma and there’s kababs and all sorts of deliciousness.  And I ate it…all.  And had some wine.  So, uh, I didn’t log any of it on my trackers, because after 36 hours tracking this shit, I was hungry and out of fucks to give.  But I did go to Body Pump yesterday so there was SOME offset, right?  Right.

So this morning, instead of berating myself for fucking off and enjoying my evening I just started over with a clean slate.  I mean, shit happens.  It’s only the first week so, you know.

I’d like to share some comparisons of the two trackers:

Noom Weight Loss Calorie Allotmant per day based on how much weight I want to lose and how fast: 1650 (Could be less if I wanted to lose weight faster).

Weight Watchers Points allotment per day based on how much I weigh, my gender and magic: 34.  I also have 42 weekly extra points for splurging that are optional to use.

Noom Weight Loss gives more calories for work outs logged.  Body Pump gave me 410 extra calories and was estimated to burn 815 calories for 55 minutes of moderate intensity work out.  No weekly calorie burn goal, but it does give me daily steps goals.

Weight Watchers gives “Fit Points” for daily work outs that you can use as extra points that day for food.  55 minutes of Body Pump equals 22 Fit Points for hard intensity.  I have a weekly goal of 73 Fit Points.

Noom and Weight Watchers have different definitions of Moderate and Hard, hence the different intensity levels.  I am motivated to work out more when it means I can eat more, plus I end up having to eat more any way.  Which is good because after a 7 mile run, I will eat a lot and when Noom gives me about 800 extra calories I will use them.  Which is why splurging was meant to be on Saturdays.

Weight Watchers assigns 0 points for fruit and most vegetables, so it doesn’t count against your daily allottment.  Motivation to eat fruits and veggies.

Noom tracks all of it and so it all counts against your daily calorie count.  Noom also encourages you to eat a variety of foods with a green, yellow and red designation.  They recommend eating more green foods than red, of course.

Here’s how to game the WW system.  Eat salad and fruit all day long, then blow your 34 point on whatever the hell you want.  5 oz of red wine is 4 points.  A bottle is roughly 25.4 oz, you can drink an entire bottle for about 20 points.  OR eat a Burger King double cheeseburger for 12 points and a small fry for 11 points, total 23 points.  Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich is 15 points, small fry is 11 points, total 26.  Drink a Diet Coke or Coke Zero and it doesn’t add anything.  1 container of Haagen Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream is 14 points (that can’t possibly be right, but that’s what it says).  In theory, on a day I do Body Pump I can eat fruit and salad ALL DAY long and then have Burger King and a pint of ice cream and only have to use 3 of my Fit Points.  Or I can eat the ice cream and drink a bottle of wine and be right at my daily point allottment.  This doesn’t seem right.

Noom doesn’t give you much wiggle room beyond adding the work out calories to your daily allotment.  A bottle of wine is roughly 625 calories (and a yellow food).  Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich is 540 calories and a small fry would be roughly 291 calories, that’s 831 calories and a little over half my allotment (and all red foods).  I could eat fruit and salad all day but a bowl of ceasar salad is 184 calories, my favorite Target salad is 320 calories.  The ice cream (duh, red food)? There are roughly 4 servings in a pint, that’s 1440 calories!  So there would be no eating of fruit and salads all day and then drinking a bottle of wine and eating a pint of ice cream, even on a day of body pump.  But I think Wendy’s is feasible for a Body Pump day.  😉

That’s where I’m at for a little over 48 hours into this shit.  We’ll see if anything improves as the week(s) go by.



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